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Congratulations on being part of an amazing KickStarter Campaign!

This is intended as an aid for figuring out valid options of pledges and rewards as part of the fabulous Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter. I am not part of the Kickstarter team, so the prices below might be incorrect, some combinations invalid, etc., etc. Shipping outside of the US, for example, are only applied to the pledges and I'm not sure if they're also going to be applied to the optional rewards. Use at your own risk! As of 2/3 it looks like you might be able to add physical rewards to lower level pledges. So, if you have a low pledge level and I'm not showing a certain option, you might want to ask Rick (leave a comment on the Kickstarter page) because it's probably available, at least at the $10 pledge. The campaign is over but I'll leave this up at least for a few months so we can come back and look at all the exciting loot they're preparing to send our way.